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Brussels Waffle

The only Brussels waffle produced in the capital of Europe

Large and airy crunchy waffle, ready to be reheated and garnished. Recipe without palm oil, and low in sugar.

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A tradition of our Belgian countryside, a unique taste

Small soft waffle, ideal for each moment of the day. Available in various flavours and ORGANIC*.

*Certified Certisys BE –BIO-01 production.
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Liege Waffle

Caramelized outside, melting and crunchy inside

The favourite waffle of sweets lovers, with sugar nibs.

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Collection Waffles

Get into the holiday mood and brighten the most beautiful events!

Soft and tender, small buttery waffles in various shapes.

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Granny Waffle

Our childhood waffle, just like at home

Soft vanilla waffle with butter. Recipe from the city of Furnes, located in Flanders.


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Gourmet Waffle

More butter and more softness, for more pleasure!

Soft waffle that melts in the mouth, with a buttery and vanilla taste.

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Raw and frozen Liege waffle dough ball

This product is ideal for Food Service. After thawing and rising time, the dough is ready to be heated on location.