Cookie Policy

We may occasionally need to use cookies in order to facilitate your browsing experience on our site and to optimise technical management.

Most cookies are only used for the duration of a session or a visit. They do not contain any information that would enable you to be contacted by telephone, email or post. You can also configure your browser to alert you each time a cookie is created or to prevent them  from being saved.


What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information saved by a website in your web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone (hereafter, the “device”). A cookie file allows the server to identify the device on which it has been saved for the validity or storage duration of said cookie.

A cookie may be recovered during a subsequent visit to the same site. A cookie cannot be read by a site other than the site that created it. The site uses cookies for administrative reasons, such as, for example, to save your preferences for certain types of information, thus sparing you from entering the same thing again via the keyboard each time you visit our  site.

We are the only people that can read and/or modify the information contained in our cookies.


What cookies are used on the site?

The following cookies may be stored in your browser  when you visit our site, subject to your browser configuration:

  • Technical cookies govern the technical part of the website.
    • wordpress_logged
    • wordpress_sec
    • wp-settings-1
    • wp-settings-tome-1
    • _icl_current_language
  • Google Analytics : We record anonymous browsing information in order to improve your user experience
    • _ga 2 year
    • _gid 24 hours
    • _gat 1 minute
    • AMP_TOKEN 30 seconds to 1 year
    • _gac_ 90 days



Why do we use cookies?

The cookies that we store in your browser when you visit our site do the following:

  • Cookies techniques : govern the technical part of the website.
  • Google Analytics : We record anonymous browsing information in order to improve your user experience


Cookie Storage Duration

We keep the cookies that may  be uploaded on your device when you use our site and the browsing data gathered for no more than [deadline] months as of the time they were uploaded on your device. After this the cookies are automatically deleted and your consent will be needed once more.


How do you refuse/delete a cookie?

You can refuse to give consent for cookies to be stored on your device, should you so desire. However, we need to let you know that the total refusal of cookies may mean that our site will not work properly . We therefore decline all responsibility regarding the consequences associated with any malfunction of our site that results from the fact that we are unable to set or read the cookies that the site needs in order to work properly and that you have refused or deleted.

As a user, you can refuse the use of cookies or modify your choices by configuring your browser using the browser configuration methods detailed on the CNIL site (French data protection authority), in particular: [provide the address]. The configuration for each browser is different. It is given in your browser help menu, which tells you how to change your cookie preferences.

If you do not know the type and version of the browser that you use to access the internet, click the help icon (the question mark) at the top of the browser window then select About Internet Explorer . The relevant information that you need is then displayed on the screen.

  • Firefox

Click Tools at the top of the browser window and then Options.  Then click Privacy & Security at the top of the window that appears . Tick the Accept Cookies option to activate cookies.  If you want to deactivate cookies, please untick this box.

If you use Firefox:

  • Google Chrome (most recent version)

Click the key  icon at the top right of the browser window and then click Settings. Click Advanced at the bottom of the window  and locate the Privacy section  To activate cookies, click Content Parameters, then Allow Storage of Local Data in the Cookies section at the top of the window.  To deactivate cookies, tick  the Do not allow any site to store data , Block third-party cookies and third-party data  and Only keep local data until I quit my browser session .

If you use Chrome:

  • Internet Explorer (Microsoft Internet Explorer 0, 7.0, 8.0)

Click on Tools  at the top of the browser window, then Internet Options and then Privacy. If your privacy level is set to Medium or lower this will allow you to activate cookies in your browser . Parameters that have been set at a level higher than Medium will deactivate cookies.

If you use Explorer :

  • Safari

Click the cog icon in the upper right of  the browser window and then Preferences. Click the Privacy icon in the pop-up window. Tick Block third-party and advertising cookies . Tick never  if you want to deactivate cookies completely.

If you use Safari:

You can also visit the CNIL site if you want to know more about cookie files.